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Increase Accountability and Transparency in State Government

Michael will work to restore accountability and transparency in state government by promoting open and honest governance and working with the legislature to adopt a variety of measures that enhance the public trust, ensuring public officials are accountable for their actions and decision-making processes are open to public scrutiny. State government has a responsibility to be accountable to the people of Kentucky by providing information about their policies, programs, and decisions, and by being transparent about their financial and administrative operations.


As one of the original Constitutional offices, the office of the Treasurer plays a significant role in providing checks and balances for the executive branch. Overseeing state accounts and disbursements allows there to be a stop-gap preventing an overreaching Legislature from abusing the power of the Treasury and limiting direct access to your tax dollars.

Improve Financial Literacy

Financial literacy education can help individuals - especially in underserved communities - make informed financial decisions, improve their financial well-being, and ensure that they are not left out or left behind. In addition, it provides a benefit to our communities by promoting financial stability, reducing inequality, and helping prevent financial crises. Michael will work to fully fund  and look to expand financial literacy programs, which can have numerous benefits for individuals, communities, and our Commonwealth as a whole. Financially healthy families will make our Commonwealth stronger.

Advocate for Innovative Policy Solutions That Grow Our Economy, Create Jobs, and Save Us Money

Michael will advocate for innovative policy solutions that grow our economy, create jobs, and save us money, while supporting living-wage jobs and strengthen workers rights. 


Michael will advocate for creating more revenue streams for Kentucky, including expanded gambling and legalization of cannabis. Additional revenue can help  resolve our pension crisis and provide additional resources for critical infrastructure - like our schools - without raising taxes. It would create thousands of jobs and bring a new industry to our economy.


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