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MEET michael

Michael Bowman is a sixth generation Kentuckian and the proud son of a union home.

Service to others runs deep in his family - his father was a postal worker, his grandfathers served in Korea and WWII, and the strong women of his family raised big families. Along with his twin sisters, Kellie and Karrie, Michael learned the importance of that service – faithful and selfless - to our community. 

Growing up, Michael was involved in the arts, sports, was a student leader, and worked his way through high school. As Michael worked to complete his degree at the University of Louisville, he became even more involved in his community. He has served in leadership positions – for Parks Alliance of Louisville, and the Southwest Festival Committee – and has worked as an aide at City Hall. 

More than anything, Michael’s work with the quiet heroes who serve and hold our communities together has strengthened his commitment to public service and inspired him to find a way to be a part of the solution. 

Dedicated to Service

His dedication and passion for service led him to work for Kentuckians under Governor Andy Beshear as a top admin where he helped solve problems in education and workforce development, and helped create economic opportunities across Kentucky. No matter where Michael has served, he has demonstrated leadership, problem solving, and consensus building to get things done for regular folks.

While working in Frankfort, Michael has seen the pay-to-play culture of out of touch Republicans and how it blocks out the voices of too many Kentuckians, leading to dirty water in our communities, an opioid crisis, attacks on our schools and teachers, and more.  What’s more, he has seen dangerous radicals push policies like the abortion ban with no exceptions. He knows enough is enough.

Ready to Lead

Because of his work behind the scenes, Michael knows what’s working and where we can do much more - and we can start by centering regular folks in our politics and policy making.


Michael has a bold vision for Kentucky and knows that with the right kind of leadership, our best days are ahead of us. As State Treasurer, Michael will focus on increasing transparency and accountability in state government, increasing financial literacy in the Commonwealth, and on advocating for innovative policy solutions that grow our economy, create jobs and save us money. 

Michael is the best choice for State Treasurer and will help Governor Andy Beshear continue to deliver for all Kentuckians. If you’re in, join the campaign, and if you can - give your time, talent and treasure to this race. Michael is running a people powered campaign fueled by folks from all walks of life. And every dollar, tweet, share or door you knock helps us in getting one step closer to ensuring that Kentucky’s best days, truly, are ahead of us.

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