As one of the original Constitutional offices, the office of the Treasurer plays a significant role in providing checks and balances for the executive branch. Overseeing state accounts and disbursements allows there to be a stop-gap preventing an overreaching Governor from abusing the power of the Treasury and limiting direct access to your tax dollars. I will not back away from challenging anyone, regardless of party, to ensure the proper management of public money. 


The Treasurer is an ex-officio member of many state boards and commissions, including the State Investment Commission and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority. 

My experience within local government, as well as a bank officer and branch manager responsible for a financial portfolio valued in the millions, I have a unique understanding of the need to protect critical investments along with the skills and ethics to advocate in the best interest of the citizens of the Commonwealth- including driving policies that can build a stronger economy. 


The role of the Treasurer is one that requires a proven leader, who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions, execute to the spirit of the law, and hold the other branches of government accountable. During my time as a Legislative Assistant to the Louisville Metro Council, I developed a keen understanding of the responsibility of oversight through the many investigations into the dealings of Metro Government. Also, as an officer of one of the largest banks in the United States, I have developed first hand knowledge of the skills required to manage a large financial portfolio ensuring growth that benefits everyone.